Service, Competency, Integrity since 1995

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Integration of IT solutions
Consultancy - Follow-up - Training
Analysis - Functional Studies - Specifications
Integration - Custom Development - Adaptation - Parametrization
Installation - Data Migration
Business Alignment - Support - Maintenance
Open technologies : OpenERP, Java, Joomla,..


ADINS sprl (privately owned company) is an IT services company aimed to professionals and businesses, founded in 1995.
ADINS services cover all stages of IT projects:  functional, technical and operational aspects.
We believe in open technologies, as they uniquely guarantee independence and long term availability of the solutions for the clients.

We value our technical and organizational skills in various projects involving different technologies.
Our experience ranges from industry to service activities through the medical field.

Our services aim to improve enterprises operations through a global optimization process.

ADINS works with a network of selected and specialized partners dedicated seamlessly to the success of your project.
Our way of doing business:custom services answering your needs and expectations, based on a jointly built contract.
Our commitments and our prices are clear and we like to offer a seamless service:
since 1995, no dispute with a customer !

ADINS is signatory to the ethical charter eTIC, focusing on good communication from IT service providers and is member of Feweb, the Belgian association of IT professionals.

Open technologies

ADINS endorses and promotes open technologies and software including Open Source Software : they guarantee independence from suppliers, continuity of solutions and competitive prices.

OpenERP, Java, Joomla are such “Open Source Sofware”, supported for 
years by worldwide communities of businesses, users and developers!

OpenERP – our enterprise solution

ADINS is official partner of OpenERP, a complete and open-source enterprise management solution or ERP.

We selected OpenERP in February 2009 after a strict evaluation study :
OpenERP is simultaneously  a powerful software solution and a tremendous platform for software development.

Through OpenERP, ADINS provides a complete, modular and scalable solution to small and medium sized enterprises.

ADINS’ services :
pre-study, analysis, consulting, project management, customization, development, support and maintenance.

Java - portability & integration

Since 2002, Adins specializes in the development platform of SUN Microsystems Java / Oracle.

Software written in Java are portable (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc.).
The Java platform integrates easily with other technologies and solutions (web services, connectors, drivers ,...).

Joomla - “all purpose” and proven CMS

For the development of most websites, ADINS uses Joomla since 2006.

Joomla is a CMS (Content Management System) that meets the needs, possibilities and constraints of SMEs :
Joomla allows various types of websites (basic site, portal, e-commerce) or intranet for  an affordable price.



OpenERP is a trademark of OpenERP - Joomla is a registered trademark of Open Source Matters - Java is a trademark of Oracle Corp..

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