Java is an open and portable platform and language at the forefront of software engineering, particularly suited to complex software development and integration, mastered by ADINS since 2002.

Since 2002 ADINS uses the Java language and the Java platform for software development and complex integration projects.

A large community of developers and companies provides free or commercial solutions that complement the platform base, created and controlled by Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2009).

Applications written in Java run unchanged on multiple hardware platforms and operating systems: Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Solaris and many others.
The platform (Java Virtual Machine ) is able to run other languages like Python, PHP, ...

An unbeatable solution for integration projects!
The platform provides the infrastructure for client-server as well as web based solutions, using databases and network oriented.

A very large number of connectors, services, databases and libraries are accessible from Java solutions, which makes this platform the perfect tool for integration.

ADINS has developed his own gateway (or library) with OpenERP to facilitate migration and integration projects.

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