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Discover our medical management solution based on OpenObject with integrated billing and accounting for the Belgian market (INAMI/RIZIV).




1)    The solution covers the management of a ‘medical company’ including hospital services and ambulatory consulting locations.
2)    The solution is Web-based.
3)    The solution can be used for medical integration projects. (Care centre, polyclinic, hospital services, and medical houses). The solution is modular.
4)    The solution aims to perform all the pricing / invoicing of the Belgian social security system.
Thanks to the OpenObject framework, our solution can be integrated with other modules from OpenERP: a complete enterprise management software (stock, HR, accounting, payments,…).

Modules being finalized

-    Patients, doctors, mutual insurance, private insurance.
-    Letter management / protocol – text format with templates.
-    Medical mail gateway (Medimail, Medserv), incoming and outgoing (Format Health-one, Medidoc, Medibase- Medicard…).
-    Agenda.
-    Nomensoft – Belgium social security data  INAMI/RIZIV including history, rate type, etc
-    Compendium: complete Belgian pharmaceutical catalog BCFI/CBIP. Integrated with a prescription module. Data must be obtained from BCFI/CBIP.
-    Link between medical speciality and social security code – INAMI / RIZIV.
-    Medical invoicing – based on INAMI/RIZIV data, worksheet encoding, link between protocols and work line, invoicing either via a central invoicing point or directly to mutual insurance. The software includes a rules engine to implement rate selection.
-    The medical invoicing is completely integrated with the general accounting.
-    Quick encoding: simplified screens for the worksheet encoding for non-ambulatory items. Currently encoding for neurology and cardiology (planned: pediatrics, oncology, pneumology,…)
-    Hospitalisation: services, rooms, beds, admissions, episodes. Linked with the encoding module.
-    Test neuro-psychologic : Nepsy. Form and results computation.

Modules scheduled

-    Data replication.
-    Text editor with semantic tags
-    Exchange protocols KHMER and SUMHER.
-    Integration with an HL7 engine.


The solution is available commercially and distributed under the AGPL licence.


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