Technical fundation

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OpenObject offers you in a single package the core component for building a business application:

•    Object Relational Mapping : this layer simplifies the database access.
•    Permission system: complete permission system covering, menus , fields, data access, business actions.
•    Multi-language / internationalisation: Unicode UTF-8, multiple languages per database (language switching), temporal data stored in UTC.
•    Translatable fields : database text fields can be marked as translatable. For example a product name can have the following names in English and French “car, voiture”.
•    Reporting engine : OpenObject incorporates a reporting engine with PDF generation.
•    Web services : OpenObject offers its services via xmlrpc and JSON (Javascript).
•    Without effort, your solution can be linked to the OpenObject document management system.
•    OpenObject also incorporates a complete E-mail integration engine.
•    OpenObject provides a built-in application framework for tests.

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