For your site or Internet application, ADINS focuses on your needs, expectations and opportunities and offers a range of solutions based on open technologies:

Open ERP (web client, portal business-to-business), Java, PHP, Joomla, LimeSurvey, jQuery ...

Joomla as basis
Joomla is a well known CMS (Content Management System), particularly suitable for SMEs wishing to set up a website (basic, portal, e-commerce ,...) or a dynamic Intranet at a moderate price.

Bridge OpenERP-Joomla
There is a bridge between OpenERP and the e-commerce solutions for Joomla.

Our aim : to serve and satisfy you !
As with our other projects:

●    You choose the option that suits you, by fixed price or force account.
●    We work with you, your team and other suppliers.
●    Domain name and hosting contract are always yours.
●    The payment is split, based on deliveries.
●    No surprise: the intellectual property is always clearly stated in our contracts.

In short we make sure that you can freely switch to another supplier but we bet that you will not do it because we do our utmost to satisfy you!

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